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for therapists & wellness professionals who want to do this work for the long haul without losing their sanity or their souls 

Why come to Beating Burnout?

Come to get realistic, practical tips and support from a therapist who's been there.

Your Personality & Burnout

Because you and I don't respond to stress the same way!

Prevention, Treatment, & Healing

No matter which phase you're in, I have practical tips for yourself, your clients, and your loved ones.

Advocacy in Healthcare Systems

We'll discuss burnout systemically, and then break it down into manageable steps that you can take to make a difference. 


● Friday, May 22, 2020● 9am-12pm● Denver, CO- specific location TBD● $75● $15 Discount for Humanly & SonderMind members!● Includes morning refreshments

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