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Does your company actually value staff retention? 

Most organizations say they believe keeping talent on their teams is essential, but the numbers on burnout and turnover say otherwise. 

Hiring & training a new staff member costs

50%of the former staff member's annual salary 

Each year, workplace stress costs the US global economy 

$550billion, with a B. Including 550 millionlost work days each year.

Burned out employees are 

2.6times more likelyto be actively seeking another job

Your business suffers when burned out staff leave. I can help. 

Modern job seekers care a lot more about wellness and work/life balance than they do about getting the best cubicle. And we all know that in 2020, you need to do everything you can to keep your organization strong. 
I offer consulting packages to support business owners and management teams in keeping their staff happy, refreshed, and at their best. Because staff who are healthy, feel heard, and believe their values are in harmony with their company's are also stronger, more productive team members.

Why trust me?

I've spent most of my career as a burned out employee, and I know what they need.

I've worked in behavioral health as a case manager and therapist in a variety of organizations, including community mental health agencies, college counseling centers, psychiatric hospitals, general hospitals, and nonprofits. 
Not only do I have the skills and training of a therapist to understand the prevention and treatment of burnout, but I've been there many times myself. I have advocated for staff retention when the staff was me. Now, my professional specialties are trauma and burnout. I can work with burnout like a therapist, but prevent it like a business owner. 


Consulting Packages

Put together any or all of these elements
to create the perfect consulting package for your business. 

Silver Package 


and up

Virtual Presentation on Burnout and Staff Retention for your Leadership Team

Access to my Burnout Courses for your Staff

Diamond Package 


and up

Gold Package Plus...

A comprehensive look at your business: samplings of staff interviews, surveys, and open forums conducted in person or virtually to find out exactly what your employees need.

3 Additional Consulting Sessions to Help you Implement your Individualized Staff Retention Plan 

Gold Package


and up

Silver Package Plus...

3 Consulting Sessions detailing your company's needs

Individualized Staff Retention Action Plan 

Ready to get started?