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Individual Therapy

I work with adolescents and adults experiencing a variety of concerns in life, such as depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, concerns around spirituality, and struggling to find their identity and purpose. 
My co-therapist dog, Coco, is usually present in session. She can be a comforting presence for you, or an active participant in our work together. See more info on animal-assisted therapy below.

EMDR & Trauma

Working through EMDR with me will feel more structured than the other types of therapy I offer.

When our minds are hurting because of abuse, trauma or grief, they naturally want to fix themselves. EMDR can help you intentionally stimulate the memory networks in your brain to “turn down the volume” of really negative memory networks and strengthen more adaptive, healthy networks.

I offer EMDR therapy for school-aged children, adolescents, and adults. 

Professional Burnout

Being a helping professional can be really, really hard. Burnout was the one word that best describes my early years as a therapist.

Huge caseloads, clients with a lot of high needs, tons of trauma, mountains of paperwork, poor working conditions, terrible pay, odd hours, frequent fear of being assaulted… yeah, I’ve been there.

If you’re there now, I want to support you. You don’t have to worry about feeling invalidated or like your therapist doesn’t get it. 

Clinical Supervision

I offer clinical supervision for therapists seeking their LPC license in Colorado. Supervisors do not need additional credentials beyond their license in Colorado, but to better establish my expertise in supervision, I am working on obtaining the hours for my Approved Clinical Supervisor (click here for more info). 
My primary areas of expertise for supervision include trauma, depression, anxiety, agency work/community mental health, hospitals and crisis systems, severe mental illness, and substance use.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

My furry co-therapist is a part of most of my client work, but she can be more actively involved as well. 
Animals can be incredibly helpful for children struggling with social skills, behavior problems, shyness, mood disorders, and those who have experienced abuse or trauma. I use animal-assisted interventions to help kids and adolescents open up, practice social skills and self-confidence, and learn how to work respectfully with others.
For adults, animals are disarming, funny, affectionate, and unconditionally loving. They make the experience of going to therapy much less intimidating.

Children & Adolescents

I work with school-aged children whose caregivers are seeking Animal-Assisted Therapy or EMDR therapy. I offer these therapies and traditional talk therapy for adolescents.