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Consultation & Workshops

I offer presentations and training on a variety of topics related to improving clinical practice, treating compassion fatigue, and running a successful private practice.

Preventing & Treating Compassion Fatigue

Most burnout and employee wellness presentations are highly focused on the individual, ignore systemic issues and advocacy, and implicitly blame those suffering from compassion fatigue. And those are about the worst ways to discuss this topic. Instead, my workshop focuses on:
- differentiating between burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma- understanding your unique burnout triggers based on your personality & intersectional identities- gain techniques and practices for preventing, actively treating, & recovering from compassion fatigue- increase understanding and knowledge of ways to advocate for systemic change 

Understanding Religious Trauma 

Religious trauma is both surprisingly common and detrimental, but has gotten little attention in the clinical world until the last few years. So it makes sense that there is also very little consensus about treatment for religious trauma, let alone some kind of official certification. This training discusses:
- definitions of the religious trauma spectrum, as well as symptoms and frequent causes- common effects of religious trauma on individuals & primary factors for seeking therapy as a result- intervention suggestions based on evidence-based practices for trauma

Clinical Best Practices

These topics can be offered as individual presentations, or as a series. They are, obviously, just a few of many important topics. These happen to be topics I have developed expertise in and enjoy teaching, but I'm also open to adding other topics depending on your organization's needs.
- Risk Assessments and M1 Holds (Colorado specific)- The Intake Process- The Termination Process- Working with Chronic Suicidality 

Starting Your Private Practice 

These topics can be individual presentations, or done as a series. 
- Private Practice Marketing & Niche Development- Determining Polices, Procedures, & Fees for Your Practice- Writing Ethical Consent Forms - Third Party Vendors & Partnerships- Private Practice and Burnout: Make Your Business Work for You 

Using the Enneagram to Cultivate Stronger Team Communication

You may already be familiar with the Enneagram as a personality assessment tool. But have you harnessed it to improve your teams at work? This workshop discusses:
- Connections between burnout, compassion fatigue, and personality - Ways that various Enneagram types respond to stress and telltale burnout signs for each type- Supportive and productive work environments based on each Enneagram type - Effective work communication using the Enneagram 

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All training and speaking engagements can be done virtually, with in-person options as well. Click below and let's start talking!