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Self Care for the Type A's

Self Care for the Type A's

I want to talk about self care for Type A personalities, but first, what’s a Type A? By that, I mean those whose tendencies are to be organized, structured, routine-oriented, on-time, and go-getting. Type A’s can find it particularly difficult to slow down, enjoy the moment, and practice self care. I think part of the reason is because achievement and productivity are ingrained into the Type A, and that is so often a wonderful thing! But if you’re a Type A and feel like you’re being run into the ground, it’s time to check out these tips.

  • Create routines for yourself 

Type A’s can get really overwhelmed with no routine or a significant change in routine, even if it’s free time. Embrace this fact of life and schedule out your activities, including time that’s designated for yourself. Creating morning and bedtime routines is a great place to start, because they allow for structured self care. 

Simple routines tend to be the best. In the morning, I like to do one thing to care for my mind, one to care for my body, and one to care for my soul. That could be yoga + a healthy breakfast + journaling one day, and coffee + meditation + jogging the next. It’s totally up to you! But incorporating all three elements every morning helps to make sure your morning routine is balanced. Bedtime routines are important too, as they help us slowly adjust and get ready for a quality night’s sleep. If I’m feeling really stressed or anxious, I’ll opt for a bath to relax. I love comfy PJ’s, lavender essential oil, and reading a good book to help get myself ready to sleep.

  • Remove the pressure

If you’re a Type A who struggles with perfectionism, know that you’re not alone. 

But ultimately, perfection isn’t possible or sustainable. I know you know that, but I want you to try to feel it. Feel that you are enough, and start to believe it. 

While that can be a big task, start by removing some of the pressure from yourself. When you feel those perfectionistic tendencies, ask yourself, “what will happen if I don’t do this perfectly?” And seriously answer yourself! You may find that most things are not going to explode or be destroyed if you don’t do them perfectly.

  • Take ownership of the most important tasks, and delegate the rest. 

A lot of Type A’s take on waaaay too many tasks. This can partly come from a people-pleasing desire, the desire to achieve at work/school, or simply the fact that Type A’s know they’ll get things done and don’t like delegating. 

Take ownership of the tasks that you feel are most important. Type A’s practically live by the maxim, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” This isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes waiting for others to step up or hoping they get it done exactly as you want causes needless stress and anxiety. Do the task yourself. 

However, you can’t do everything. Delegate other tasks, especially those things that really shouldn’t have become your responsibility in the first place. You can’t ultimately control anything, and delegating is a good way to practice accepting that. Plus, it takes things off your plate and allows for you to relax a bit. 

  • Enjoy the process

Instead of working with efficiency in mind, allow yourself to slow down sometimes and enjoy the process. Type A’s often feel inner satisfaction through their work and achievements. Take advantage of that positive energy by finding satisfaction in each step accomplished. 

  • Invest in your creativity 

Type A’s can sometimes get hung up on learning creative skills because they want to immediately be good at that particular skill. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how it works! But if you decide on a creative skill, like painting or learning a new instrument, invest in lessons. Lessons help take off some of the pressure of wondering if you’re doing it right, because you receive regular feedback and instruction. Lessons also give you a designated time to learn the skill and incentive to practice. You’ll be a pro before you know it!